Jörgen Axelvall is a Tokyo based photographer and artist from Sweden. Previous to moving to Tokyo in 2011 Axelvall resided in NYC for 15 years.  He tends towards long-term projects: exploring intimacy and solitude; soft- or select-focus evoking abstracted, dream-like realms at once personal, yet universal. Axelvall attempts to seize the utter vulnerability and beauty to transubstantiate the subject into essence of the moment. Axelvall’s visual storytelling interacts with his experimental word.

Axelvall exhibits internationally, and has won significant awards: International Winner, New Exposure by Vogue USA, 2013, Athens Photo Festival, 2019, and The 18th Japan Media Arts Festival, 2015.

Axelvall has four monographs to date. Since 2018, Jörgen Axelvall has been represented by Ken Nakahashi Gallery in Tokyo.





アクセルバルは世界中で展覧会を開催。また、2013年アメリカ版VOGUE誌による「NEW EXPOSURE賞」のインターナショナルウィナー、2019年のアテネ・フォトフェスティバル、2015年の第18回文化庁メディア芸術祭などにおいて国際的な賞を受賞。4つのモノグラフを刊行。

2018年以降東京のKEN NAKAHASHIギャラリーで活動。